3 Fun Winter Activities for Those Living in Providence

With New England’s chilly winter weather, everyone has experienced, or currently is experiencing, some form of the winter blues! When the weather is dull, it is often difficult to come up with fun activities to do with your family and friends. Luckily, there are a lot of great options for those living in the Providence area, whether you are looking for a fun family activity, to get some shopping done or experience a new adventure! Here are 3 of our favorite different places to visit year-round in Providence, but especially in the winter, colder months:

  1. Providence Place Mall. Calling all shopaholics – if you live in Providence, or are thinking of living in Providence, this is definitely one of the top places to check out! This mall is filled with 3 floors of every store imaginable, and not to mention, has a wide variety of restaurants within for any type of cuisine that you are in the mood for. Right after pay day, you can easily find yourself spending hours in this mall!
  2. Providence Children’s Museum. For the families in the Providence area, the Children’s Museum is a great option to take your children to. This museum is filled with active programs and a creative learning environment that is hands on for your kids and extremely fun and entertaining! The museum is open every day from 9-5 PM and has a large calendar of events that your family can check out. If you find yourself being a regular here, you can additionally look into a membership to incorporate this museum into your monthly routine!
  3. The Great Escape Room. If you are into adventure and wanting to try out a new type of activity on a chilly day, head to The Great Escape Room in Providence, which is an award-winning, extremely popular experience that challenges yourself and trains your brain to act quickly! They have a variety of different escape rooms including their Game Room, The President’s Bunker, Sherlock Holmes’ Library and more, all at different skill levels.