3 Spring Cleaning Tips

The time has finally come for what everyone has been waiting for – warmer weather. Each day, we are seeing a little more sunshine, walking outside with fewer layers and lighter jackets and ultimately seeing the promise land – spring! However, with warmer, sunnier weather comes the universally dreaded experience of spring cleaning. It is officially time to take a look at everything that you have accumulated over the dark, cold winter months, and figure out how you are going to organize or get rid of it. Spring cleaning can be extremely overwhelming at first, so we have broken down some different ways that you can get started and be on your way to a more organized home, just in time for summer.

  • Cover one room at a time. As you are setting your spring cleaning goals, try to focus on one room at a time. This will be less overwhelming for you to look at. Once you have a plan of which room you will begin with, start cleaning from the ceiling down. By starting from top to bottom, you are ensuring that all of the cob webs, dust and other things accumulated will be washed away by the vacuum or mop!
  • Spend extra time in the kitchen and bathrooms. Your walls and windows have definitely built up debris over the winter months. Focus on wiping down cabinets and shelves and using a steam cleaner on any stainless-steel appliances. In your bathrooms, change over your shower curtains and throw away any expired products that you may not need anymore.
  • De-clutter. Perhaps the worst part of spring cleaning is de-cluttering and figuring out what exactly you should keep versus throw away. De-cluttering is a great way to reduce your stress level. Organize your closets, dust your office and go through all of the junk drawers you have to decide what is important to keep around.