Prep Your Patio for Warmer Weather

During the dreary winter months, everyone is constantly dreaming of laying back, relaxing and spending time on their patio on a hot summer day. We are officially in the homestretch and just a couple months away from the official patio season! With this exciting time approaching, it is important that you spend time prepping your patio and outdoor area for the summer. If you are not sure where to start, we have pulled together some tips on how you can begin prepping your patio for the summer and get ready to spend your time outdoors:

  • Sweep, sweep and sweep some more! Your patio has definitely accumulated a lot of dust, dirt, rocks and bugs throughout the winter months. Grab your broom and sweep up all of the debris so you are left with clean concrete.
  • Scrub your patio and furniture down. Once you have swept, scrub your patio down until it is squeaky clean. Once your patio is freshened up, you can now bring out all of your patio furniture that was tucked away during the winter. Your furniture will most likely be dusty and need to be scrubbed down, as well. When you are focusing on cleaning the furniture, do not forget about washing and scrubbing the outdoor cushions and pillows.
  • Apply a deck stain and water seal. After everything is scrubbed down, protect your patio, deck and outdoor furniture with a stain and water seal so that when it rains you will not have to worry. Applying stains and steals is easy, quick and a great way to protect surfaces and furniture.
  • Clean and prepare the grill. It is not a true patio season without some grilling! Be sure to check out your grill to see where it needs to be upkept and/or cleaned out. Do not forget to purchase a new gas tank to kick off the season!