Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Spring

It is the time of year that everyone has been desperately waiting for – the skies are bluer, the sun is brighter and the weather is warmer! Now that people are spending more time outside and are generally happier due to the nicer weather, there has never been a more perfect time than now to get your house out on the market. It can be difficult to sell your home during the winter months given how chilly it is outside and how difficult it can be for potential buyers to truly view the house, and the land, with all the ice and snow! Selling your home in the spring is a great strategic move, and here is why:

  • Potential buyers are ready now more than ever. All potential buyers who waited throughout the long winter months to think about moving are now itching to get out of their homes and start fresh. These people are more apt to go out and shop for homes in the warmer weather and will likely jump on something they love as soon as they see it.
  • Everyone wants to be settled in the summer. Especially for those with families, no one wants to move into the fall (and school!) season still feeling unsettled in their new home. Everyone wants to be completely settled into their new space by the start of fall, which means they must begin shopping for their new home as soon as possible.
  • There will be more opportunity for bidding. If your home is marketable and is staged in an aesthetically pleasing way, potential buyers will be all over it! Since many people think alike in starting to shop in the spring, it is possible that you will face many different offers on your home. This brings you to the opportunity of getting lots of different bids on your home, and ultimately getting the best price possible.